accurate as fucking hell

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How did you feel about the way the season [two] finished? And if it does continue, where would you like to take it, what would you like to keep exploring with it? (x)(video)

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 #someone explain to me how i dont even watch this show but i feel the chemistry


I live for these tags.

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Sam and Rosie Claflin posing for Glamour Magazine UK

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Sneak Preview: das große Tokio Hotel INTERVIEW und Editorial von Brad Elterman

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Lil guy tried to meow!

Vine by: Papa Falcon

that is the face of a person who has just died from cute

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imagine you’re standing in an elevator and then Bill Kaulitz comes in.

I would faint.

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*police sirens* can you please get murdered on a different road, i’m trying to film!

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For the always lovely colinmorgansv - Happy Birthday bb! Have some dragon daddy naps (they were supposed to be studying but it’s too hot).

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one character: Merlin

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Inspired by (x)

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The difference between learning a modern language and an ancient language is that in first year French you learn “Where is the bathroom?” and “How do I get to the train station?” and in first year Attic Greek or Latin you learn “I have judged you worthy of death” and “The tyrant had everyone in the city killed.”

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